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'The cutting edge of leisure recruitment'

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Cutting no corners in recruitment

We pride ourselves on empowering leisure businesses with only the best recruitment match. As Specialist recruiters we are at hand to ensure we have found the best match for your business. We are here to connect the person to the business and the business to the person. Making sure the partnership connects perfectly.

Why Box Leisure ?

By fully understanding our clients and candidates needs we will cut no corners in ensuring we only connect the best talent to business within leisure. Whatever sector of the leisure industry you work we are sure to be at the forefront to match your career to only the best employers or match our clients with only the cutting edge of leisure industry professionals.  

Our obligation to you

We don’t just say this we do it. We believe that recruitment has three sides, The client, The candidate and us “The agency” by working together and seeing all sides of the picture. We will endeavour to create synergy and unity in the box leisure recruitment process.  See our testimonials for what our clients and candidates say about us.

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Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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